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Avanzar is a global trainer providing high-impact professional trainings and performance improvement solutions. We help organizations around the world to improve their IT infrastructure and Software Engineering performances. We are a team of consultants and trainers, with more than three decades of experience transforming IT organizations and in-house IT departments. At the heart of Avanzar is our AES (Avanzar Enterprise Solutions) a proven, end-to-end integrated application suite helping our customer to implement process controls over their business information system.
  • Ensures the readiness of your Information System - its processes, methodology, and talent
  • Accelerates the development and performance of your IT team - through highly relevant training
  • Achieves sustained performance improvement - through Coaching, Reinforcement, and customized software tools.
Avanzar is Decided to
  • Helping our clients build "best-in-class" client-focused IT infrastructure and Information System
  • Meeting the broad range of our clients Processes Improvement needs
  • Diversification across all major business sectors and industries
  • Forming long standing, deep relationships with our international as well as local clients
For your specific training needs or to get details about planned trainings, please contact (0303) 02 786 44, or visit

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ISO 9001:2008 Internal Auditor Coming Soon Lahore, Pakistan Register
Software Quality Assurance & Testing (V&V) Training Coming Soon Lahore, Pakistan Register